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  • Hackers Use Heartbleed Bug to Attack 'Major Corporation'
    Hackers took advantage of the Heartbleed vulnerability to break into a major corporation?s network, less than a day after the bug was brought to the public?s attention, security experts told The New York Times.Officials with Mandiant, an Alexandria, Va.

  • Exchanges, Brokerages Hit with High-Speed Trading Suit
    Dozens of the largest U.S. stock exchanges, brokerages and high-frequency trading firms were hit with a lawsuit by the capital of the state of Rhode Island, accusing them of manipulating the U.S. securities markets.

  • 10 National Parks Worth a Visit This Spring
    That big summer vacation may still be months away, but that?s no reason to stay indoors. This month, many of America?s national parks are just now shaking off winter?s chill and welcoming visitors with warmer temperatures, fields of wildflowers and blessedly few crowds.

  • Uber and Lyft Price Wars Could Take Their Toll
    Uber and Lyft are driving in opposite directions when it comes to how much they charge you for a ride.On Thursday, Uber announced that it would tack on a $1 ?safe rides fee? to its UberX car service to cover the cost of insurance, background checks and more.

  • Eastern Air Lines Looks to Take to the Skies Once Again
    Eastern Air Lines may one day return to the skies.Plans are under way to bring back the iconic Miami-based carrier, which operated from the 1920s until 1991.In January, Eastern Air Lines Group filed its initial application with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

  • When Is the Price of Gas Cheaper? Weekdays or Weekends?
    People tend to grouse about gas stations jacking up their prices on weekends, but in most states, gas prices are higher during the workweek.The crowdsourced gas-price aggregator took an exhaustive, four-year look at what days gas was cheapest in each of the 50 states and Washington, D.

  • Airbag Maker Is Latest Named in GM Recall Suit
    Plaintiffs' lawyers are seeking to draw Continental Automotive Systems U.S., the maker of airbag systems in recalled General Motors vehicles, into litigation over an ignition-switch defect that has been linked to 13 deaths.

  • Five Things to Know About Alibaba, 'The Hottest Thing in Tech'
    Alibaba, the Chinese internet behemoth that's relatively unknown in the U.S., is preparing to file the prospectus for a U.S.-based initial public offering next week, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

  • Phone Thefts Soar as Kill-Switch Debate Heats Up
    Smartphone thefts rarely make national news anymore?unless the victim was seriously hurt or killed during the robbery.But the crime spree has not gone away. It seems to have gotten worse.About 3.

  • State Secret Revealed: Toxins Taint One-Fifth of China Farmland

    The report adds to widespread doubts about the safety of China's farm produce.

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